Marie Claire

"I always read emails from Beaumont Communications as they suggest cool and credible clients. They are really on it and are fun to work with, too."

Entertainment Editor, Marie Claire
The Observer

"Dealing with Tim Beaumont is always a pleasure. He and his team have an instinctive grasp for what a journalist needs and for how to get the best out of any interview. He is professional, generous and never intrusive. He also has a totally brilliant client list, which helps, and genuinely cares about the people he represents."

Elizabeth Day, Lead Features Writer, The Observer

"Tim and his team are a pleasure to work with. Sharing clients with him is an absolute dream and I couldn’t ask for more. All the hard work is taken off my plate and the clients are so happy with the results Beaumont Communications get."

Molly Wansell, Agent, 42
Roar Global Artists

"I love working with Tim and his team as they go beyond what a publicist should. They understand what works for the specific talent, the right media at the right time and crucially working with brands. Beaumont Communications you rock!"

Severine Berman, Director, Roar Global Artists
VIP Services

"Beaumont Communications are really easy to work with. The team are lovely and they're quick to respond and always professional. The great client roster speaks for itself."

Nova, VIP Services
Telegraph Hill

"Telegraph Hill benefits hugely from working with Beaumont for our production campaigns, like our shows 'The Fox Problem' and 'Use Your Voice'. The content we produce has a considered press perspective from the beginning, thus helping enormously with media and social pick up afterwards. Tim and his team are real pros, and a joy to work with."

James Emtage, Executive Producer, Telegraph Hill

"Tim Beaumont is, by far, one of the nicest and most brilliant personal publicists in the business. He repeatedly goes that extra mile for his clients, with the results to prove it. Whenever I work with Tim, I know I'll get the right result - with a few laughs thrown in for free. Top marks."

Niki Browes, Associate Editor, InStyle
Models 1

"Tim is one of our most recommended publicists. He is an expert in his field and has a clear vision of how to maximise an artist’s profile. We have worked closely with him on the build of a number of our clients with great success. Tim and his team are professional, hardworking and hugely knowledgeable. Josy Spooner- Models 1"

Special Bookings Division, Models 1