Aldo Kane

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Extreme remote & hostile TV adventurer Aldo Kane is a world record holder and former Royal Marines Commando Sniper. An expert in all environments, Aldo has operated and filmed in over 100 countries, has been held at gunpoint, charged by a black Rhino, abseiled into an active volcano, escaped Ebola, rowed across the Atlantic and dived on Captain Kidd’s pirate ship. Aldo recently fronted BBC TWO documentary BRITAINS NEXT AIR DISASTER? DRONES and appeared alongside Steve Backshall on a ten-part series EXPEDITION on DAVE (UKTV) where they both venture into uncharted territory to see new discoveries and world firsts.

Aldo’s previous projects for BBC TWO have included; EXPEDITION VOLCANO, DOWN THE MIGHTY RIVER and EXTREME MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE. For the DISCOVERY CHANNEL; FIRST MAN OUT and DRIVEN TO THE EXTREMES (THE COLDEST, HOTTEST & TOUGHEST ROADS) where he accompanied Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody and Henry Cavill to some of the most extreme high-risk environments on earth.

For NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC; Aldo was the on-screen Expedition Leader for their flag-ship feature length Natural History series ONE STRANGE ROCK (VOLCANO SEQUENCE) hosted by actor Will Smith. This saw Aldo lead a prominent American Scientist deep inside one of Africa’s most dangerous volcanoes whilst it was erupting.

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