Joudie Kalla

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JOUDIE KALLA has been working as a chef for over 16 years, having trained at the prestigious Leith's School of Food and Wine, Joudie has worked at restaurants such as Pengelley's (a Gordon Ramsey restaurant), under Ian Pengelley, Daphne's and Papillon with Michelin-starred chef David Duverger. Joudie’s food is mainly inspired by her Palestinian descent - vibrant, moreish dishes that are easy to make and full of goodness.

Joudie’s first book PALESTINE ON A PLATE became an instant hit with critics, charting high on The New York Times bestselling list, and with food enthusiasts alike - Nigella Lawson being a fan of Joudie’s work. Joudie's career as an authored chef has been a long time in the making. It is through years of sitting with her mother, aunties and grandmothers listening to their conversations and being included in their daily cooking routines that Joudie became engaged in the beauty of traditional Palestinian and Middle Eastern food. For Joudie, her mission is for Palestinian and Middle Eastern food to be embraced as a go-to cuisine - to be seen in the same league as Italian and French cuisines. "“I want to pay homage,” she writes, “to the Palestine that my family knew and remembers.” “And that’s exactly what this book does so gracefully" (Laura Shapiro, NY Times).

Aside from writing a best selling book, Joudie also hosts sell-out supper clubs. The menus are varied and vibrant, each capturing different parts of Palestine. They are hearty, authentic and comforting, taking you to a place that feels like home.

This coming Autumn, Joudie will be releasing her greatly anticipated new book BALADI - which roughly translates from Arabic to “My Country”. The book takes the reader on a journey through Palestinian food and culture. The imagery within the book has been captured by Palestinian locals - giving the book the feel of a community project. The recipes are very vegetarian and vegan friendly but truly cater to every palate - influenced by the diversity of Palestinian food from the fields, markets and orchards right through to the farms and the sea.