The Naked Professors

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THE NAKED PROFESSORS are stripping away the common misconceptions of mental health by removing their metaphorical masks and baring all, in an open, vulnerable and informative new weekly Podcast.

Welsh television presenter MATT JOHNSON and life coach BEN BIDWELL have both experienced difficulties with their mental health in the past, but rather than stay suffering they used their pain as motivation to change. They have now come together to passionately discuss mental health with the aim of breaking the stigma and normalising the conversation. By speaking with others about their challenges, they aim to empower their audience to understand they are not alone.

The Naked Professors are on a mission to share the message that none of us are perfect (despite what social media suggests) and that vulnerability, kindness, compassion & communication are what connects us all. Our mind is a powerful tool, The Naked Professors aim to help their audience learn how to make it their best friend, rather than their worst enemy.